Community Supports

Our Community Based Supports Program in conjunction with the Member’s PCPT, identifies specific areas in which he/she would like to achieve a better quality of life. Together, with input by the member and their family, we will begin assembling a profile of the individual which can best assist in obtaining that outcome. Today, our DSP’s (Direct Service Providers) support a diverse variety of Members all with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

Whatever your goals and aspirations may be, let us help.

Whether the goal is to find a job, budget money, plan a menu or make a meal, we prepare our Members with an Outcome Based agenda assisting them every step of the way.  Many of our Members want to attend social events and make new friends, while others want to prepare for the day that they will make the transition to living independently.

Community inclusion

We have long held the belief that Community Inclusion is best accomplished by integrating our Members with every facet of Community life by introducing them to new and unique experiences. Community Supports Network will supply transportation to a host of activities that will provide both an educational and social component.

If your family member is seeking a unique and rewarding experience, try Community Inclusion today!

Off premises activities range from day trips to museums, farmers markets, theatres, as well as bowling, swimming, and other fitness related activities. On premises programs provide our Members with a host of rewarding experiences sponsored by community organizations. On site programs are designed to entertain or deliver a specific educational component. 

Pre-Vocational Training

Coming Soon!

what does success look like to you?

Declare your independence. Begin your journey with hope, confidence, and assurance.

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